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Director's Club

Dec 17, 2017

Now Playing Network Master of Ceremonies (and Director's Club founder) Jim Laczkowski joins us for this episode which has us looking at the films of French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve! With Jim's help, we look at how Villeneuve brings his unique combination of thoughtfulness, pathos, family focus, and strangeness to dramas, genre thrillers, and films across the sci-fi spectrum.  Includes lots of spiders and one talking fish.

14:23 "August 32nd on Earth" / "Maelstrom"
("Fish Heads", Barnes & Barnes)
24:26 "Polytechnique" ("Straws Pulled At Random", Meshuggah)
37:06 "Incendies" ("You And Whose Army?", Radiohead)
1:00:14 "Prisoners"  ("The Prisoner", Iron Maiden)
1:20:49 "Enemy" ("Know Your Enemy", Rage Against the Machine)
1:41:29 "Sicario" ("Perro Negro Granjero", Molotov)
2:00:08 "Arrival" ("Communication Breakdown", Led Zeppelin)
2:18:20 "Blade Runner 2049" ("Dangerous Days", Pertubator)